Beef Striploin

Are you interested in wholesale importing frozen beef strip loins? As an international trader, RTG is specialized in the trade of high quality frozen beef loin. We take care of the export and import of beef striploin from all major production regions in Europe and South America.

The striploin, also known as sirloin, is found along the spine in the hindquarter, running from the ribs to the rump. There are two striploins and they sit just above the tenderloin where the eye fillet is cut. The sirloin roast is succulent, tender and flavoursome and can be further cut into steaks.

We deliver our products and services to our importers in the following food sectors:

  • industry
  • wholesale suppliers
  • food-service distributors
  • retail

Beef strip loins are one of our top products in our beef range. Do you search other great tasting beef products? Look at our beef page.


1 Preheat oven to 200ºC. Brush the beef roast and garlic bulbs lightly with oil. Combine the crushed peppercorns and salt, then rub it over the beef.
2 Place the beef on a rack in a roasting dish and add the garlic bulbs. Add a little water to the roasting dish (about ½ cup). Roast for 60 minutes for rare, 75 minutes for medium and 90 minutes for well done. For ease and accuracy use a meat thermometer.
3 Remove the beef roast, cover loosely with foil and rest it for 20 minutes before carving. Squeeze the garlic out of its skin. Serve the beef roast with garlic, roasted carrots and parsnips.


1 Judging your roast’s degree of doneness using a meat thermometer. The internal temperature of the meat should be: Rare 55-60ºC, Medium 65-70ºC, Well done 75ºC.
2 You can also use tongs to test the roast’s doneness. Gently prod or squeeze the roast rare is very soft, medium rare is soft, medium is springy but soft, medium well is firm and well done is very firm.
3 Test the beef roast just before the estimated cooking time is up. Check the internal temperature of the meat just before the estimated cooking time is up. Take larger roasts out of the oven just short of the goal, as the larger roasts and bone-in roasts tend cook further and go up just a little in temperature as they rest.


Packing sizes can be tailored to individual customer requirements. We offer a wide variety of frozen beef strip loins in both retail packaging as well as catering packs.

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