Munching on pistachio nuts has just become easier. We do the work for you by shelling these fresh and meaty pistachios.  We offer these Pistachios raw, with no additives, no salt, no sugar and no oils marring the natural fresh taste of nut.  This makes these Pistachios a great kitchen pantry staple.  Use these pistachios in your salads, baking recipes, or stir into your rice.

How healthy are pistachio nuts for you?  These super nuts are one of the only ones that have almost all the nutrients a human needs for optimum health!  Pistachios have a lower fat content and higher fiber content than most other nuts.  These superb nuts are packed with Vitamins and Minerals.  Pistachios also shows to be beneficial to diabetics, by cutting blood sugar levels.

If you or your loved one is on a health-related restricted diet due to heart disease, gluten intolerance, or diabetes; or if you chose the path of being a vegan or vegetarian; or if you or your dearest are on a weight loss journey, this nut, the Pistacia vera, gives you healthy snacking and vital nutrients.

Party planning?  Get your nuts bulk.  Oh! Nuts offers you Pistachios by the snack-bag, by the pound or by the case.  Discounts are given for wholesale nut orders.

So grab a handful, or bagful of raw pistachios for that matter and enjoy!

Sugar Free
Low Sodium
Gluten Free
High Protein
High Fiber
No Sugar Added
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Low Cholesterol


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